Professor & Program Coordinator

Durham College

As a contract and full-time professor at Durham College, I have delivered extensive lectures within a classroom environment of up to 100 students, fostering a conducive learning experience. Weekly tasks included creating and implementing daily and unit lesson plans for 1st – 3rd year students, while administering tests and evaluations to analyze student performance.


  • Awarded the Silver Faculty of Excellence – Leadership award for the year of 2018 administered by Colleges and Institutions Canada (CiCan) as the only Durham College faculty in history to have ever received the award.
  • Worked with and guided a series of Subject Matter Experts (SME) to create and develop the in-depth curriculum for the new Artificial Intelligence Graduate Certificate (GC). More information about the GC can be found here:

Courses Taught:

  • Computer Systems Software and Hardware (Microsoft Windows and Ubuntu)
  • Object Oriented Programming 1 and 2 (C# and C++)
  • Web Development for Enterprise (Java & JSP)
  • Web Development Intermediate (PHP)
  • Web Development – Client-Side Scripting (JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX, and Node.js)
  • Data Collection and Management