CTO (Co-Founder) & Lead Full Stack Developer

Oiika Inc.

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Development of an educational platform, which facilitates the connection of learning and teaching by hosting nearby tutors for ease of access.

  • Co-founded and developed the Oiika platform.
  • Architected and deployed the Oiika infrastructure throughout a host of backend platforms including Amazon's AWS, Heroku, and GitLab for a seamless CI/CD implementation.
  • Worked with a team of 3 developers to design, develop, and create the Oiika web application, which is built in React.js, Redux, Express.js, and hosted on Heroku and AWS.

API Server:

  • Created a RESTful API with over 100 CRUD operations to relational MongoDB database built on Express.js utilizing technologies such as: JWT, Passport.js, Chai, Mocha, and Winston.
  • Ensured intended CRUD operational outcomes along with optimal code coverage by writing unit, integration and end-to-end tests using the mocha testing environment, chai assertion library, and Istanbul code coverage tool.

Web Application:

  • Designed and developed the mobile friendly web application built on React.js, Redux, and Express.js consisting of 30+ stateless components, 10+ basic components, and 10+ interactive components.
  • Implemented core features such as the dynamic (AirBnB style) tutor search, tutor (Facebook style) profile pages, profile setup wizard, and the ‘book a tutor’ flow, which includes payment handling, escrow, and checkout services.


  • Worked with Heroku, AWS EC2 and AWS S3 to manage development and production clusters across multiple availability zones.
  • Mapped and implemented the CI/CD pipeline for the continuous test-driven deployment of the development, staging, and production versions of the API server and web application.